Quality Control Testing

Freshly mixed concrete is always quality control tested for compliance with customer specifications. Every Pocono Transcrete plant has PENNDOT approved quality control testing facilities, with technicians certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. We test in strict accordance with recognized industry standards, and provide such services as:

  • Slump
  • Air Content
  • Temperature
  • Compressive Strength

Our skilled technicians can design and adjust mixes to your exact specifications, and can work with you to meet your strength, workability and delivery requirements to make sure you get consistent quality concrete load after load, job after job.

Pocono Transcrete also offers on site technical support, to help ensure quality assurance through the completion of the pour, as well as provide advice and information on new products, latest technologies and available mixes.

On Time Delivery

We understand that on-time delivery is critical. We dispatch over thirty trucks from five locations, enabling us to service job sites from multiple locations in fourteen counties. We maintain our equipment to the highest standard to ensure that all of our trucks are operable at all times. Each and every one of our vehicles is job ready, which translates to better reliability and prompt service for our customers.

Our fleet includes both conventional rear discharge mixers and all- wheel- drive front discharge mixers to provide greater versatility in concrete placement. Our brand new 53 foot conveyor mixer is available for more complicated placements involving large scale industrial and commercial projects. We continually update our fleet to provide the best possible equipment, service and products to meet your concrete needs.