Pocono Transcrete is one of the largest producers of ready mix concrete in Northeastern Pennsylvania, providing superior products and services to the area for the last 50 years. As a full service supplier, we offer a broad range of specialty products and mixes to accommodate residential, commercial and industrial projects of any size. We have the knowledge and expertise to adapt any of our mixes to meet the specification and requirements of your project. We offer a wide range of specialty products like:

  • Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)
  • Lightweight Concrete
  • Pervious Concrete
  • Cement Treated Permeable Base Concrete (CTPB)
  • Grout Mixes
  • Flowable Fill
  • Landscape Blocks
  • Recycled Bin Blocks

Every load is carefully batched, mixed, tested and delivered to meet your exact mix design specifications. The careful batching of raw materials is managed by computer and tested by our ACI-certified technicians to ensure that the mix is accurate and consistently reproducible. Our specialty mixes have been approved by PENNDOT, NJ DOT and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Pocono Transcrete’s Pittston plant is the only regularly operating central mix plant in the Wyoming Valley, allowing us to provide a higher quality product with greater consistency and uniformity. Central mixed concrete is mixed at the plant, instead of in the truck, where quality control can be more closely monitored. This also results in faster production, with output about three times greater than conventional dry batch mixing. Our central mix plant is used for jobs of all sizes, including wastewater treatment facilities, PA Turnpike Service Plaza, state bridgework, and the recently competed Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA.